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 As a Fashion Designer turned Personal Branding Photographer I am driven to create something for you that is one of a kind.  I spent my career as a Designer creating concepts & telling stories through carefully curated visuals.  Because of this experience I am able to express a unique voice & vision in my discipline.  I take a bit more of an eclectic approach to derive ideas, style & inspiration from a broad range of unlikely sources.  If this sounds like something that resonates with you then we are probably meant to work together.

Not the right kind of Chemistry

I’m not a cookie-cutter photographer.  I’m not driven by volume & mass production.  I prefer to stay away from carbon-copy techniques & trend.  If that sounds like it is more your style then we probably aren’t meant to work together.

The Approach | 3 Key Elements

#1 Analysis

Through many in depth conversations, I take time to learn and understand your business goals and who your ideal client is.

#2 Framework

Throughout the design development process, I build the foundation and strategize the visual messaging for your ideal client.

#3 Storytelling + Style

I will design concept boards to build out your unique visual brand story.  These visuals will give your online image the wow factor.

personal branding photography

Your Personal Branding Photography

Complete Immersive Experience will include –

Every step of this design process is very intentional. I will layer in customized creative vision within the framework of an in-depth strategy.  This gives your visual identity both style as well as substance.

This customized design process provides a very personalized experience as I develop an effective, stunning, visual identity for your brand.

Approximate Project Duration |  4 – 5 Weeks

  • 30 minute Discovery Call
  • Personal Branding Deep-Dive Questionnaire
  • In person Pre-Shoot design consultation to collaborate ideas
  • Custom designed digital color & concept boards for initial review & sign off
  • Location scouting
  • Personal styling & wardrobe direction
  • 4 – 6 Unique looks  & locations
  • Hair styling & make up guidance or resources (see below for on sight MUAH add-on option)
  • Custom curated 6-8 hour  photo session
  • 75+ Color corrected & custom edited images to use for your website, blog & all social media platforms
  • Full website branding evaluation + brand consistency coaching + resources
  • Recommendations on how to best utilize your new photos

Your brand Investment starts at


$2799.99 – For travel within the Continental U.S.

$3499.99 – For travel outside of the Continental U.S.

Want to Elevate your Personal Branding Photography Experience?

Optional Add On’s:

  • Brand Style Guide $499.99
  • LIMITED TIME OFFER (Now until July 31, 2018): 1.5 – 2 minute long marketing video reel $499.99.  Value up to $1999.99
  • Media Kit $349.99
  • On site MUAH Artist, starts at $160
  • 1:1 Professional Style Session (includes 6 rentable wardrobe pieces), starts at $149.99

More options

Ok, so you’re not quite ready to go all in, but you still want your brand image to make a visual impact.

Don’t worry…I’ve got your back!

The Deluxe Personal Branding Headshot Experience

Sometimes all you need is to hit the refresh button on your current profile photo. This is the photo that you use for all your social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter.  While you can take a thousand selfies with your phone and hope to get at least one good one with the perfect angle, hair, and smile; you’ll never  quite feel like your capturing the true essence of who you are.

Your branded headshot should represent the real human behind your brand.  Your headshot should be easy, relaxed and unpretentious, just like you.  This is your first impression, so make it a lasting impression.

Approximate Project Duration |  1 hour, 15 Minutes

  • 30 minute Discovery Call
  • Custom digital inspiration board
  • Location scouting
  • Personal styling and wardrobe direction
  • Hair styling & make up guidance or resources (see below for on sight MUAH add-on option)
  • 2 Color corrected  & custom edited images to use for all your social platforms

Your Headshot Investment starts at


  • Ruby was able to help me narrow my focus on who my target audience is for massage through a detailed questionnaire which created the outline for my story. She then created inspiration boards for my focal points. The visual acuity it brought helped to constellate my many facets into one cohesive story. In my response, with her intuition and years of expertise in branding, Ruby also challenged some of my notions to bring about clarity. This process brought life to Maya Moon Massage with creativity, humor and presence. I would absolutely recommend Ruby to any of my friends, colleagues and community who are looking to take their business to the next level, be it just starting out or expanding and diversifying your brand. Love you Ruby!

    Bernadette Fleming
    Bernadette Fleming Maya Moon Massage
  • Working with Ruby for our engagement photos was a delight. She helped us plan our style, instantly put us at ease, and captured “us” perfectly. The Photo shoot felt like a stroll in the park with friends.
    Ruby’s quick eye for a great shot enabled us to flow from one moment to the next while she photographed it all. She has made this the most enjoyable part of our wedding planning so far and helped us preserve priceless memories.
    Thank you Ruby!

    Kristi TePaske
    Kristi TePaske Seattle, WA
  • After 20 years of designing & executing branding & marketing strategy for luxury hotels like The Plaza, New York, I created my own personal brand & founded Scherer Excellence Consulting,  specializing in Personal Branding Strategy & Executive Coaching for Powerful Executives seeking “Success without Sacrifice.” As I began to build out my website & social media, it was crucial for me to partner with a photographer who was going to be able to help me tell my story by capturing the real me & true essence of my brand thru the camera lens.
    As a recent New York transplant & having produced numerous photoshoots during my corporate life in the luxury brand sector, I was admittedly jaded…  After working with highly acclaimed photographers in my past luxury sector life, I was a bit nervous about finding the caliber of “craft & creativity” I was seeking.  Besides working with someone I did not know, I’m a tough sell as I know how much work & attention to detail it takes to pull off a sophisticated, eye catching, professional shoot. Much to my delight, Ruby was not only warm & approachable, she was equally professional, well organized & on top of her creative & style game!  From the first moment was had our complimentary consultation, she wowed me with her killer listening & organizational skills. She quickly grasped what I was looking for & made me feel, straight away, that she could help me bring my ideal brand to life. With Ruby’s stellar pre-planning process, we created a fabulous shot list complete with spot on styling tips plus an amazing hair & make up referral that set us up for terrific success on shoot day.  
    Ruby has a beautiful eye & impeccable taste, staging & framing every shot with passion & creativity.   She is delightful to work with & cultivates a positive, happy set which put me right at ease. As a result of my shoot with Ruby, I now have a library of beautiful & authentic photos that are helping me grow my personal brand & Scherer Excellence Consulting, into a business where I serve others deeply & get paid well for it.

    Cynthia Scherer
    Cynthia Scherer Seattle, WA
  • Working with Ruby Somera Photography is a wonderful experience! Have worked with a variety of photographers for my events I've become accustomed to different styles and varied interactions. Ruby raised the bar on these experiences. She listened to my goals, wonderfully captured the entire event, and curated the images to present a well-rounded collection of photos that highlight the best moments of the evening. I look forward to working with Ruby again!

    Chris Guillot
    Chris Guillot Merchant Method, Seattle WA
  • As a new business owner of an interior design business, I quickly learned how important my "brand" was, my brand being ME! How I dressed, how my Instagram looked, and the uniformity of my website became very important. I knew having good photos of me was an important piece of this branding puzzle, but I was afraid to do it. While I'm an outspoken extrovert, I hate to be the center of attention. Taking myself out of my comfort zone, I signed up with Ruby for a personal branding photo session.  Ruby had great ideas for my shoot locations, and made me feel super comfortable during the shoot. She was open and honest with my when I needed to change my smile, posture, and gaze, which led to AWESOME photos. I'm so proud of the photos on my website and social media accounts, and so glad I took that leap of faith with Ruby!

    Amanda Welch
    Amanda Welch Brooks Vale Design
  • Prior to finding Ruby, I really struggled to come up with photos that conveyed my brand and personality accurately. Thanks to her, that's no longer an issue. In fact she managed to capture the essence of my brand better than I thought anyone could. I have no doubt that was due to her taking some time to learn a bit about both me and my business before she even started with the story boards - she's a real pro! Ruby is incredibly good at what she does, and really fun to work with too. I'm so happy to have found her, and can't wait to do more shoots together in the future. If you need a talented photographer that understands 'brand' story, she's your gal!

    Stacee Lynn
    Stacee Lynn Seattle, WA
  • I was in desperate need of some new photos for my website and upcoming events I wanted to post online. I didn't feel like the photos I had represented me very well, but I was also nervous to find a photographer because I am terribly uncomfortable in front of a camera.  After talking with Ruby and looking at her work, I had a sense I could trust her to help me out...and she is AMAZING!  Not only did I feel super at ease the day of the shoot, but our time together was actually fun and I loved the photos she sent me!  I typically have a hard time finding 1- 2 photos I like from a shoot, but with Ruby's approach there was such an abundance to choose from that I really loved.  I would HIGHLY recommend working with Ruby.  She's so warm and incredibly easy to work with.  I would especially recommend her to anyone who struggles with awkwardness around a camera.  It was a really great experience!
    Dr. Alysondra Duke
    Dr. Alysondra Duke Counseling Psychologist, Coach and Founder of Lady Bosses MeetUp
  • Ruby has a unique gift for capturing the essence of a person. I was looking for a photographer to capture my brand in an intuitive, authentic, and professional way, and she was spot on. Not only were the photographs beautiful, Ruby is such a wonderful soul to work with. She has an authentic, open and constantly growing nature. Her skill, professionalism, and authenticity make her someone I look forward to coming back to time and time again for creative collaborations. Hire her!

    Lynda Lopez
    Lynda Lopez Live by Design
  • With launching my financial planning company I needed photos of myself that were authentic.  I had to come across as my honest, intelligent, approachable self since people will be trusting me with their money. I thought this would be tough as I am a numbers girl and in no way creative, but Ruby was able to articulate what i needed and made it happen!  I now have 25 absolutely gorgeous photos I use for my company website, LinkedIn and marketing materials.  Ruby is incredibly talented, professional and makes the process easy (photos were taken in under 2 hours with 4 different outfits!).  Her branding photography services are worth every penny.  You will have photos of yourself that speak your brand, making you feel more confident and thus business follows. I can't recommend Ruby enough.

    Heather Townsend
    Heather Townsend Townsend Financial
  • Working with Ruby was a joy. I don't enjoy taking photographs, but I felt instantly comfortable with Ruby. We talked before our photo shoot, and she provided useful advice and preparation. During the photo shoot, she put me at ease, selected creative locations, teased out natural looking poses and made me laugh. All of which resulted in just what I was looking for!  Well worth the investment, and in the end, quite enjoyable!

    Carmen Hudson
    Carmen Hudson Principal Consultant

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