A holistic approach for creating genuine connections on instagram

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Do you suffer from instagram overwhelm?

Let me rephrase the question –

  • Do you find yourself obsessed with the amount of likes you get on an instagram post?
  • Do feel invalidated and upset if you don’t get as much engagement on a post you thought was pretty good?
  • Do you spend hours of your precious time trying to come up with compelling content and hashtags for just one post?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you’re probably dealing with instagram overwhelm.

I’m writing this post not because I’m a social media expert, but because I know that many of you also struggle with how to show up on social media without letting it take over your life.

We need to shift our social media mindset

We’re entrepreneurs.  I understand that for us, having a presence on social media is important, but why does it have to feel like such a game?

How is it possible to keep up with the ever changing instagram algorithms and their constant ‘bait and switch’ tactics?

Ok, just to set the record straight, I actually love instagram.

What I love most about the platform is the ability to reach a broad audience.  But since the 2019 algorithm change it’s harder than ever to reach the people that may benefit most from your content.

Check out this article by the Lovely Escapist about how to beat the 2019 algorithm.

Let’s face it, spending that much time on your phone trying to do everything right so you can rank higher in the eyes of instagram is not only frustrating, but a bit unhealthy.

How to find a healthy balance

What I’m focused on is finding a way to strike a balance between participating in social sharing without giving up my soul.  I want the majority of my time to be spent in real life, enjoying nature and having real conversations with friends, family and colleagues.

Recently I came across a post by a social media strategist in a facebook group that really resonated with me about this very subject.  Her name is Deepshikha Sairam and she started a company called Socialique.

I’m sharing her strategies today because if you’re like me, then you’re also looking for a way to strike a balance between digital life and real life.

Deepshikha’s approach to social media is much more holistic and aligns with my core values.  I hope you enjoy these tips as much as I did!

Here’s what Deepshikha says:

There has been a lot of talk about engagement on Instagram being low and algorithm changing (yet again!).

Frankly I would not know because A) I haven’t posted on Instagram for about 10 days and B) I hardly ever pay attention to what Instagram’s algorithm is doing ATM!

Maybe one or both of these things will shock you.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all about consistency in whatever you do, whether it’s posting on Social or sending an email to your list. But, here is why I can go without posting for 10 days on Instagram and still get leads and why I don’t give any ?? about Instagram’s algorithm.

I don’t use Instagram for getting an x amount of likes on my posts, I use it to build CONNECTIONS

Yup. You heard that right.  Whether you use Instagram for business or have a personal account, creating connections is at the very core of this platform.

This is why Instagram can be GOLD for businesses like ours, coz if you want to create super fans, you have to first create a connection with your people.

So how can you CONNECT with people on Insta (without trading your life and soul?)

  • Find a few accounts that are complementary to what you do and engage with their content. Not a “great post” kinda comment. Genuinely start a conversation.
  • Any comments you get on your posts, don’t just reply to them. Start a conversation there too! This is literally my favorite way to create connections on Instagram. I usually reply to their comment with a question (one that makes sense, of course!) or a light hearted funny comment that breaks the ice. Pro-Tip – Humor is always a great conversation starter!
  • Instagram Stories. Create them and include CTA’s that encourages people to engage with you. And,  engage with their IG stories. This puts you in their Instagram “inbox” otherwise known as a Direct Message. One-on-one with your ICA is the best place to deepen those connections.


  • Look for your ideal customers on Instagram, where are they lurking? Who do they follow? Make a list of 4-5 accounts and look at their followers. Does anyone fit into your Ideal Client Persona? Draw them back to your account. You can do that by leaving comments on their posts (genuine ones). They might get curious and check you out! If they do, your Bio should be airtight to reel them in and your content should be fantastic! Selfies or a feed full of motivational quotes or your last night’s dinner won’t do!

So maybe this will help you find balance and spend your time on instagram more effectively to connect with more of the people you want to connect with rather than random people who follow and unfollow you.

No more instagram overwhelm!

Remember quality is better than quantity. I don’t want you to spend hours doing it. Even if you can do it for 5-10 mins a day, that is enough!

Which one of these can you start doing today?  Leave a comment below.




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