Change is scary, but what if it’s actually a gift

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I remember when I was let go from my high paying corporate job.

It was January of 2017.  My husband and I just bought our first home in the suburbs and we took a week off to move and get settled in.  We were in love with our new house, it was everything that we had been dreaming of. Our son wasn’t even two years old yet and we were so excited about the memories we would be creating there.

Life seemed perfect.

And then this happened…

The day before I was supposed to go back to the office I got a text message from a colleague which read, “I feel so bad for Rebecka.  I hope she’s going to be ok.”

In which my response was, “What happened to Rebecka?”

“She got laid off.” she said.

Oh no.

“Who else was laid off?” I asked.

She named all the people she knew of and then went on to say, “They’re going to be announcing the lay off from your team tomorrow.”

And right on queue I went out of body.

I was scheduled to go back to the office “tomorrow.”

I knew it was going to be me.

At this point my heart was pounding, my head was spinning, and I could not breathe.  My entire life flashed before my eyes and all I could do was sit paralyzed.

This wasn’t going to be good.

But then this happened…

When I went to work the next day, I was called into a room where an HR exec was sitting with a severance package in front of her.

My boss looked at me with a cold expression and said, “We’re eliminating your position.”

And do you know what my first thought was?

It wasn’t “I don’t know what I’m going to do.” ⠀⠀

It wasn’t “How could this happen?”⠀

And it wasn’t “What did I do to deserve this?”⠀⠀

It was, “Thank God!”⠀⠀

I felt complete and utter relief.

For months leading up to the termination, I can only describe a feeling of constant dread as I drove to the office every day. ⠀

I was absolutely miserable at my job.  I didn’t want to be there anymore. I felt totally disconnected from the work, the people and the culture.  ⠀⠀

I wanted out.  I wanted a new story to tell.

But I didn’t know what to do.  We had just bought a house. An expensive house.  I couldn’t afford to leave my job.

There was nothing I wanted more than to start my own business so I could have more flexibility in my schedule and be home with my son.  But I had no clue how to do it and make the kind of money that I was making at my corporate job.

It was too risky.⠀

But guess what – within 6 months of leaving my job, I was making the same monthly salary I was earning before. ⠀

The moral of the story? ⠀

Sometimes, when you want something bad enough, the Universe steps in to help you get it.

It might not look the way you thought it would and it will most likely make you feel really uncomfortable, but when the moment shows up you have to be brave enough to surrender to the unknown.

There is always something better for you on the other side of adversity.  

You just have to have the courage to look beyond your own fears.

So, what’s holding you back?  

Is this your time?  Don’t miss the moment.




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