How to get noticed by your dream customer and make more sales more often

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I don’t know why, but it shocks me every time I talk to someone about why they’re struggling with their business and they give me the side eye when I ask them about their marketing efforts.  That was totally me when I first started my business.

We go into entrepreneurship all dreamy-eyed and ready to conquer the world until reality hits.  The truth is, it’s super easy to start a business, but staying in business…that’s a whole other ball game.

There are SO many good reasons to want to start a business –

  • Wanting freedom & flexibility
  • Wanting to do something that you love doing and actually getting paid for it
  • Wanting to do something more meaningful with your life
  • Wanting to increase your earning potential
  • Wanting to be your own boss 

But as strong and compelling as these reasons are, it’s often not enough to keep you from checking LinkedIn for your next 9 – 5.

Here are the top 3 reasons people give up on their dream of starting their own business – 

  1. They don’t know how to find their ideal customers
  2. They don’t know how to connect & communicate with their ideal customers
  3. They don’t know how to sell to their ideal customers

Yea, so that list pretty much sums up marketing.  

People will either fail at marketing their business or even worse, they won’t even try because it just seems “too hard.”

Marketing, the entrepreneurial afterthought

I was totally confused about how to market my business because I never, ever, ever wanted to sound pushy or sales-y or too aggressive.  (I’ve been the victim of that kind of sales approach and it has always made me want to scream like a banshee and run the other way!).

So, I thought if my message was cute and clever that would be enough to make me stand apart.  Of course people would think I was different and would want to work with me, right?

I mean, I even got validation from my friends and family about how cool my website was.

Believe me, that sad approach got me nowhere…fast.

And to be clear…just because your friends and family love your website does NOT mean that your ideal customer will.

It took a long time for me to understand exactly what I was doing wrong.  

  • Why I was always chasing the next paycheck
  • Why it took a lot of convincing for people to understand my value
  • Why I was having such a hard time finding my dream customers (and by dream customer I mean, the ones who value me, my work and do not question my prices).

Before I was able to figure it out, I had to embrace the fact that I needed to fall in love with marketing.  Like seriously, fall in love.

But I wanted to find a way to make marketing work that felt completely authentic to me, otherwise my business was NEVER going to survive.

Everything started to shift dramatically once I figured it out.

I put a lot more effort into the way I was communicating on my website and in my emails and the results were insane!

I’m going to share with you the 6 step formula that changed everything for me.  It will literally free you from feeling sales-y to being the go-to brand with the ultimate solution.  

The secret sauce to selling anything

These 6 steps are the holy grail to selling anything from a truly authentic place AND for the ultimate good of your customers!  

You can and should use this formula on your website and your email campaigns.  Trust me, it works!  

#1 Always lead with the Person and the Problem-

You started your business because you know that you have something that other people can benefit from.  

Instead of talking about the thing you’re selling talk about the problem that your customer is faced with and the kind of pain that it’s causing in their life.

If you’ve done your research (which I’m sure you have!) then you know what your people are struggling with.  Even better, use their exact words because it’s likely that your ideal customer has talked to you about their struggles.

Start by describing the problem in a way that your ideal customer can relate to.

For example, if you were an in-home personal chef you might say something like this:

You’re work is demanding, your husband travels all the time, and you’ve got two growing children with busy schedules.  There’s just no time to plan, grocery shop or prep and prepare healthy meals for your family. You don’t want to raise your family on take out, but you’re running out of options.  You’ve even tried every meal kit out there, but once you’re home you have no energy left…for anything. You feel depleted.

All you have to do is tap into their feelings, describe their situation and make that connection to the pain that their problems are causing them.

When people hear the problem first they are going to say to themselves, “Hey, that’s me!  I’m dealing with that right now.”

#2 Let’s talk about consequences-

So, this is where you need to dig deep and talk about what will happen if their problem doesn’t get solved.  How are they going to deal with it? What will their life look like?  

On the flip side, what would their life look like if they were able to solve this problem?  How would that positively change the way they’re living their life right now?

What is it that your ideal customer is aspiring to accomplish?  

You need to lay it all out on the table.  This approach helps them to believe in the benefits of your product even more.

If you can answer these questions, then you’re really going to be able to motivate your ideal customer to keep on reading.  Because now they know you truly understand and feel for them.  

This my friend, is called empathy.  The number one driver to building trustworthy relationships.

This is the point when they say to themselves, “Whoa, this person really gets me.  How did they know? I’m going to keep reading.”

As my former boss used to say, “Now, you’re cookin’ with fire!”

#3 Share your solution through a story-

Time for you to share a compelling story about how you’ve been through the same thing and how you discovered this “solution” that has completely changed your life.  

Or share a story of someone you’ve helped that has struggled through the same thing and you’ve helped them get past it with your “solution”.

Stories are powerful.  People love stories because people connect with stories.  And every good story starts with the character that has a problem.   That character is your ideal customer and YOU have the solution to their problem.

#4 How will this make their life better?-

Here’s something that you should NEVER forget.  People aren’t interested in buying “things”. Whether they realize it or not people want to buy a transformation.

Let me give you a few examples – 

A financial coach isn’t just selling advice, she’s selling peace of mind, freedom and security.

A personal chef isn’t just selling healthy home cooked meals, she’s selling precious family time that you’ll never get back.

A photographer isn’t just selling pictures, she’s selling memories, time capsules, love.

At this stage, you’re preparing to overcome objections.  Share testimonials of some of your past customers that have experienced the transformations that you’re selling.  

Testimonials are stories of everyday people that have experienced the same pain that your prospect is feeling with successful results.

#5 Sell your thing!-

Time to make your offer!  But don’t just make a list of the deliverables.  Make a compelling offer.

What’s important here is to continue to talk about the transformation and the benefits rather than talking too much about your product offering.

Avoid these mistakes:  Saying, “I believe” or “I know this will help you” or “I’m passionate about”.  

Try this instead, “I’ve seen this work for dozens of people just like you” or “You don’t have to continue suffering” or “If you’re tired of feeling this way”

Basically – we’re still making it all about them and not so much about you.

Let’s use the in-home chef as an example again –

Get a fully prepared 5 day weekly menu so you can relax knowing that your evenings can be filled with the fun and laughter you really want for your family.

#6 Invite a call to action-

You need to ask your customer to take the next step and buy your thing!  

This is not the time to be shy.  If you really believe in what you’re selling then you know that you’re giving them something that will improve their life.

You need to be direct and tell them exactly what their next steps need to be.  Keep it simple.

Here’s a good way to lead into the purchase while being totally authentic –

We know how it feels to be in the never ending hamster wheel of life.  Time is our most precious commodity and it should be spent enjoying life with our friends and family.  It’s ok to ask for help.
Let us handle your weekly menu and take some of the burden off your shoulders.  
Click the button below and we’ll find the perfect meal plan that’s right for you.

Remember this- 

There are people out there that need your help.  But they will never know you exist unless you show up and share.

This formula will help you to connect with the right people in the right way so you can go on making a real difference in the world.  Isn’t that what you’re here to do?

So, now it’s your turn to take action.

  1. Review your current website and try to find ways to apply this formula.
  2. Write your next email campaign using this formula.  Don’t forget to ask for the sale!
  3. Forward this blog post to a friend or colleague who could benefit from learning this strategy.

Leave a comment and tell me what is holding you back having the thriving business you’ve been dreaming of?

I can’t wait to hear from you!


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