How to set goals for the real world

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Want real success in 2019?  Change your mindset!

Ok, so I get it.  I’m doing it, too.  At the beginning of every year we get inundated with with goal setting strategies. This article is no different.  But I’m going to teach you how to set goals that will help you get really clear on what you are working toward and more importantly why.

Making sh*t happen without the hustle

First and foremost, I want to tell you why one of your biggest goals this year should be to remove the word “hustle” from your vocabulary.

When we’re setting goals, we tend to add things to our list that weren’t there before.  Which means, you either have to find more time (time that you never felt like you had anyway) or create more time.

Either way, you’re probably going to feel overwhelmed and maybe a little bit like a failure when you don’t meet your goals.

Not a good start.

When I tell you to remove the word “hustle” from your vocabulary, it’s because I really want to protect you from hitting that low point of the ever looming entrepreneurial burn out that a lot of ambitious people struggle with.

Read more about the dangerous meaning behind the word “hustle” in this article from qz.com.

So, one of my goals is to teach you how to set goals without adding more “to do’s” to your “to do” list.

Being busy is not a badge of honor

We all do it…when someone asks us how we’re doing, our usual, very conditioned response is, “I’m busy.”

My belief is that in 2019 we should be working from a place of self love.  Which means resting more, relaxing more, and being a lot less stressed!

I’m going to teach you how to set goals without feeling like you’re hustling to get it all done.

Laying the groundwork for a positive outcome

Most of the seasoned goal setters I know make a list of goals and then work backwards and create mini actionable goals.  Not a bad way to get started.

The one problem with this strategy is that they list the outcome they desire, but fail to identify the reason why they want what they want.

Without setting the intention and motivation behind what you want, you’re actually making it too easy to fall into the trap of procrastination.

Envision and Create for big results

Step 1. Decide how you want to feel in your life

Of course achieving your goals is amazing and should be congratulated.  But truthfully, a goal is just a thing.  What you really want is to reach for how your goal will positively change your life experience.

Ask yourself, how do I want to feel this year?

Do you want to feel more abundant?  More joy?  More successful?  More energetic?

Identify how you want to feel and I promise your goal is going to be a lot more attainable.

Step 2.  Get into the success mindset

Begin this process by acknowledging all that you have already accomplished in the past year.  Congratulate yourself on your wins, your achievements, and your successes.

This process will make all of your goals seem so much more achievable.  Why?  Because you’ve already done so much.  You are capable of anything you put your mind to.

Celebrate those wins!  Know how capable you are.

Believe in what’s possible.

Write a list of everything you’ve accomplished in the past year – your career, your family, your well being, your relationships, etc.

Step 3.  The game changer

This is the part where you take your list of goals and circle the one thing that will have the most positive effect on your life.

With that goal being central, write down all the sub categories required to meet that goal.

For example, my big goal this year is “Self Care”.  Why?  Because I know that I can be better at everything if I put myself first.  I can be a better mother, wife, entrepreneur, daughter, sister, and friend.

When I put myself first, I’m more relaxed, I make better decisions, I’m more efficient, I’m more grounded, I’m healthier in my mind, my body and my spirit, I have more fun and I’m so much happier.

And happiness…that’s the ULTIMATE goal.

Here’s how it looks for me…

With ‘Self Care’ as my central goal, my sub categories (the 4 key things that will get me to my goal) are:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Eating Healthy
  • Enjoyment

Under each sub category I list out what each category entails:

  • Meditation
    • Gratitude
    • Sit in silence
    • Journaling
  • Exercise
    • Yoga
    • Strength training
    • Running
    • Hiking
  • Eating Healthy
    • Meal prep & planning
    • Only 1 c. of coffee a day (oh, this is a hard one!)
    • Drink lots of water
    • Limit sugar and other processed foods
  • Enjoyment
    • Host more dinner parties
    • Read novels (not just business books)
    • Playtime with family
    • Wilderness adventures
    • Travel

It seems like a lot.  I don’t plan on doing every single one of these things every day or even every week for that matter.  All these things make me feel good.  And feeling good is what I’m going after.

So, when I feel like I’m too busy to do any of the things I listed above, I try to remind myself, that if I (for instance) don’t do that 30 minute yoga flow that will make me feel amazing (and take a lot of the strain out of my lower back), I’ll probably end up wasting more time (and money) by having to go to the hospital again because I was “too busy” to take care of myself.

I give you permission to DREAM BIG!

Whatever your goal may be, pay attention to it.  It’s your job to cultivate that feeling that you desire most.  Like anything you love, you must take extra care of it and nurture it with love and respect so that you can watch it grow and thrive.

Why?  Because you are SO worthy of everything good.

I wish you the most successful, abundant, and productive year ever!


So now it’s your turn.

Tell me what your ultimate goal is this year.  I would LOVE to hear about it!

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