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If you believe the greatest photographs make us feel deep emotions & you’re looking for a personal branding photographer that will help you capture your true & authentic self, then sit down, let’s chat a while.

Capturing the passion & ideas of a creative entrepreneur is one of my life’s deepest honors & privileges. I believe that photography is how we are able to see the beauty that is beyond the surface.

It is your brand autobiography; a reflection of who you really are & everything your business stands for.  I believe in getting beneath the surface to a depth that might have otherwise been lost.

My goal is to create photos that elevate your brand identity & give your dream clients a reason to trust you & believe in you, your product or your service.

I believe in the adventure of creating compelling & authentic photos that will help to connect & convert your dream clients.  Photos that contain depth, honesty, expression & life.  Photos from an editorial perspective that create an emotional connection which will have your clients just dying to work with you.

My approach is driven by my long career as a Fashion Designer.  I have a clear understanding of color, composition & most importantly – storytelling.  I use my knowledge & experience to provide my clients with direction in wardrobe styling, location scouting & curating each photo shoot based on individual  style, personality & brand message.

Hi, my name’s Ruby.

Brand Curator.  My job is to make sure your brand is customer-centric, easy to understand and completely beautiful.

Ruby Somera, Founder/ Creative Director of Ruby Somera Photography, has worked for over 16 years in the Fashion Industry as an Apparel Designer.   Ruby thrived for 14 years as a successful and innovative design leader whose superior taste level, trend forecasting and garment ingenuity resulted in maximizing revenue and market share growth for the world renowned lifestyle brand, Tommy Bahama.  During her tenure, Ruby spent time managing the highest grossing product category within the company.  As a bold leader within the organization she established and managed multi million dollar product categories.  Because of her critical thinking contributions and aesthetic consistency for the brand and customer profile, Ruby also developed a high end capsule group designed for a younger, more affluent demographic.   Her work has appeared in various national publications including GQ Magazine and WWD.  Her designs have made appearances in films such as the Transformers, 50 first dates, the Descendants, and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Ruby’s designs would often be seen on television shows such as Modern Family and Jane the Virgin, as well as the Today Show and Good Morning America.  Her fruitful career in Apparel Design provided her with comprehensive knowledge of brand storytelling, visual composition, and creative direction.  As a true innovator, in merging design and photography, Ruby has pioneered a unique cutting-edge formula for marketing businesses.  This cross pollination gives her insight into strategies and solutions for building positive and trustworthy connections between businesses and their clients.

Connect. The photography of people matters because it allows us to look at a moment in time of another person or people.  It acts as both a window & a mirror.  Portraits have the power of revelation, giving us the gift of connection.  That connection to one another is sometimes all we need.

We are passing through time unstoppably.  The portrait cannot undo time, but it can, however, tell the story of who you are & who you once were.  

Lean in.  I am here to create that connection with you & for you.  I am here to guide you & direct you to a moment where you can drop your guard & feel safe in my care.  I will take the time necessary to help you find that space, that rare & beautiful moment when your soul comes into view.  A moment that is true, honest & revealing.

The Foundation.  Naturally, most of us spend much of our lives building walls & guarding ourselves to feel safe.  Transparency does not come easily.  I believe that it’s not so much about the technical use of my camera, but more so the challenge of creating the connection & guiding you to let go & come forward.

We are all striving to be seen for the person that we believe ourselves to be.  You may wonder if you will ever feel comfortable enough with me to get the photos that you have always dreamed of.  Well, finding these moments of soul connection does not happen accidentally.  It comes with study & preparedness.  Each individual photo session begins with a creative concept & leads to detailed steps to follow.  I will help you let go of any nervousness & together we will create the most compelling photos of your life.

Your story.  In photography the narrative is the extra ingredient that makes a photo take root in our hearts.  A photo without a narrative can be bland & flavorless.  My goal is to create photos with a narrative depth.  I believe that the photos that connect with what we know & hold to be true have the power to transcend the limits of time.

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Personal Branding Photography

 In case you’re curious…about me.

1. I am an Adventurer

I’ve always believed that the time is now; the adventure has already begun.  The present is the gift – you just have to open it up.  Mark Twain says it best, ” Throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.”

2. I am a Fashion Designer

It was an exciting & inspiring career.  It deepened my understanding of beauty, irony, metaphor, pattern & color.  To succeed in the fashion world you have to constantly tap into new sources & simultaneously let go of convention.

3. I am a Traveler

Travel is an awakening experience.  I savor taking part & immersing myself in this amazing aspect of life.  It rekindles my desire to explore, discover & see things differently.

Travel is one of life’s greatest privileges.  It is an opportunity to let go & be swept away.

4. I am an Incurable Optimist

Seeing is a miracle that begins when we wake up each day.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”  – Marcel Proust

I believe that learning to see is about approaching life from a new perspective and rediscovering a wonderment with the world.

5. I am a Poet

I believe that the best photographs ever taken follow the same trajectory as poetry.  Poems are spare.  With so little space, they require distillation.  Those few lines communicate more & deepens the experience.  Great photography, like the simplicity of a beautiful poem, always gives more.

6. I am a Mommy

My life has been transformed since becoming a mother.  All I want is to be his hero.  My perspective on everything has changed.  It has heightened my awareness & my appreciation of time.  After he was born it truly hit me – time. is. limited.

Branding is about the promise of a distinct, memorable experience.  Create expectation and deliver it consistently every time anyone comes into contact with your brand.



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