Imagine a brand photoshoot that has been specifically curated to tell the unique story of you and your brand.  Together we’ll create images that your clients can feel.  With your new photos, they will experience a greater sense of connection and intimacy before they even begin working with you.

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Personal Branding Photography –

Envisioning a better future

Guided by her own intuitive gifts, life vision coach & founder of Dreams Manifest LLC, Teya Williams, invites clients to rebel against the status quo and move beyond the surface of who they think they should be and empowers them to create the life they really want.

Dreams Manifest LLC offers soulful, heart-centered connections, helping clients bridge the gap between who they are and who they truly desire to be.

Personal Branding Photography –

The Rebel Educator

Kelli Rodriguez-Currie is a Latina, a lawyer and a rebel educator who leverages her platform to advocate for the marginalized “misfit” population and be the voice for those who may not feel welcome or understood by their peers and leaders.

Kelli provides education and alternative, radical perspectives about the BIPOC + LGBTQ and Neurodivergent communities through a direct, educated approach and non-judgmental, restorative lens.

Personal Branding Photography –

Aspire to create more

Nkechi Esan, is an email marketing specialist and founder of Aspire Create Studios.

As a fellow business owner and Nkechi understands the need to constantly grow sales. She’s passionate about helping e-commerce store owners get more sales through email marketing.

Personal Branding Photography –

A sacred invitation

Victoria Hudson, licensed mental health counselor and founder of Restorative Resilience believes that nobody is beyond the capacity to heal, grow and experience multiple levels of restoration.

In her space, Victoria offers an invitation to imagine what it might be like to experience a life lived in authenticity.  Her work is about facilitating spaces where deep reflection, creativity and shifts in perspective take place; where both learning and vulnerability are welcome in life’s stories.

Personal Branding Photography –

A Trifecta Approach to Conscious Living

Caitlin Escobar, lifestyle coach and founder of Raising Parents Coaching has created a trifecta approach to empowering parents with the tools of conscious living.

Through Caitlin’s holistic and multidisciplinary approach, her goal is to help every parent actualize their dreams of creating powerful and positive parent-child relationships.

Personal Branding Photography –

Guiding women on a journey of deep inner exploration

Shannon Colcher is a Lifestyle, Transformational coach and founder of Asha Kin. Through her unique coaching approach incorporating movement and body awareness, Shannon helps stuck women embody their truth and align with their life’s purpose.

Personal Branding Photography –

Neurodiverse counseling for those ready to start living a more fulfilled and joyful life

Katie Ferrell’s counseling practice combines traditional mental health therapy with practical methods that view neurodiversity as a strength, while addressing your unique challenges.

The trainings, science-based research, and counseling techniques she uses are all focused on bringing forward the best of you.

Personal Branding Photography –

Helping visionary entrepreneurs and changemakers tap into their hidden energetic reserves to make massive impact.

Carrie Hamm is a business strategist and intuitive coach who helps visionaries – entrepreneurs, changemakers and creatives – break through barriers to land their next big leap. She combines her intuitive gifts with 20 years experience in business technology, and 20 years of intensive spiritual practice to help clients activate the energy and mindset needed to hold massive expansion. She specializes in demystifying mysticism to help people find the practical in the magical.

Personal Branding Photography –

Helping ADHD children thrive naturally

To Dana Kay, founder and CEO of Our Road to Thrive and the creator of the ‘ADHD Thrive Method 4 Kids’ program, nothing mattered more than having a normal life.  Her mission is to help families that struggle with children who suffer from ADHD as she did with her own son.  And do it naturally.

Now a Board Certified Holistic Health and Nutrition Practitioner, she’s dedicated to helping families reduce their children’s ADHD symptoms to restore calm and normalcy back into their family life.

Personal Branding Photography –

Conscious Healing

Casey Stevens is the holistic therapist behind the brand Shrink Bigger.

Casey guides her clients to transform personal pain into personal power through a unique blend of traditional psychology and ancient energy medicine meant to facilitate massive shifts in consciousness and wellbeing.

If you’re ready to restructure nonproductive patterns and make radical transformations through conscious awakening then Casey is your girl.

Personal Branding Photography –

Leading with a plan

Jennifer Christison is the founder, coach & consultant for Seven Ways Consulting.

Her mission is to provide personalized support to leaders who value their role, their people, and their potential.

Jennifer is passionate about building teams and developing systems that support people doing their best work, and loves working with talented professionals to accomplish big things.

Personal Branding Photography –

Helping people align with their true self & awaken the wisdom within.

Becky Moore is a Seattle based energy worker and intuitive healer.

Her work is focused on helping you to tap into your own power to heal and align with your true self. In this way, lasting and fundamental changes can be created in your body and your life.

She believes that you have a birthright to access the power of your inner wisdom.  And through the awakening of this wisdom lies your path on which to heal, grow and succeed.

Personal Branding Photography –

Helping entrepreneurs capture meaningful everyday moments

Joysha Fajardo is the brilliant photographer behind Joysha Fajardo Photography.

She is a documentary and lifestyle photographer for entrepreneurs.  Her work is focused on capturing the raw, sometimes not so pretty side of business.  It’s an honest and beautiful approach to photography that is missing in the world today.

Personal Branding Photography –

A well designed lifestyle

Melissa Overbeck is the co-founder of Beach & Blvd a Seattle based real estate team focused on helping their clients live their dreams.

Beach & Blvd has recently expanded their business to include a lifestyle element and has included home staging – embodying the whole home experience.  From real estate investing to move in-readiness.  They are offering a new opportunity to keep the staging furniture that made you fall in love with your new home in the first place.  Genius!

Personal Branding Photography –

A self-proclaimed word nerd

From working in journalism to Fortune 50 companies to global tech companies, Kristin Graham’s career has been centered on storytelling. There’s a difference between having information and finding tangible steps that help you write better faster and get more done in your day. 

Kristin helps people learn how to use the brain and information science to make their words matter more.

Personal Branding Photography –

Relief through trusting the wisdom within

Through psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis, Carolyn Rodenberg helps hundreds of people who suffer from trauma, depression or conflicts in relationships find relief.

Her approach is holistic, yet practical, and provides a wider perspective so that you can gain a deeper connection with yourself by transforming your negative stress into positive energy.

Personal Branding Photography –

On a mission to make an impact

Jennifer Younger belongs on the executive committee for Hospital de la Familia Foundation, which is a non-profit U.S. based organization that provides medical care and education to Guatemalan communities living in poverty.

When she’s not busy traveling back and forth supporting the impoverished people of Guatemala she devotes her time to world travel and loving her fur baby, Bella.

Learn more about Hospital de la Familia Foundation here.

Personal Branding Photography –

Have your Cake and Eat it Too

Carmela Ramaglia is a Body Transformational Coach who helps women transform their stress, anxiety and drama around food, exercise and their bodies.  She empowers women to discover and express their authentic selves so they can create a magnificent, beautiful life while having a body that they love.

Carmela throws aside societal norms regarding weight loss, diet and exercise, and has created a new, unique model that allows people to achieve incredible results.

But honestly, what she really does is help women finally find peace and freedom around their bodies.

Personal Branding Photography –

And One for All

Carrie M. Jones, is founder and CEO of Gather a Seattle-based community consultancy, helping small businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprise firms invest strategically in gathering people to build strong communities.

Gather helps organizations and individuals craft powerful community strategies. Their mission is to create more successful brand communities that drive real business results and create deep meaning in members’ lives.

Personal Branding Photography –

Other World Designs

Reena Chen, Founder and Designer of Reena Raavi Interiors uses her globe trotting past times to inspire a unique other worldly experience in her clients homes.   The ethnic twist she weaves into each individual home invokes a feeling of global style that will satisfy the itchiest of feet.

This interior designer is for you if you don’t shy away from splashes of bright color, texture or bold design.

Personal Branding Photography –

Mentorship Reimagined

Sarah J. Haggard, Founder & CEO of Tribute is the mastermind behind the new software startup Tribute.  Tribute is a mentoring app designed to deliver a modern mentoring experience.  Sarah has been making waves in the startup world, entering and winning pitch competitions as well as being featured in podcasts, local television news, and magazine articles including GeekWire Magazine.

Her mission?  To redefine mentorship in the modern workplace.

Go to to learn more.

Personal Branding Photography –

The Cura for a greater world

Kiko Eisner-Waters is the founder of Cura, a recently opened unique & artful brick & mortar shop in Seattle, WA.

Cura is a conscious lifestyle brand and they are here to help you live in a more equitable, beautiful world through the design and curation of art & objects, accessories & apparel with human stories to tell.

If you want to have a truly one of a kind experience that makes you feel good all over the place then you must visit Cura.  I promise, you won’t be disappointed.  Check them out here.

Personal Branding Photography –

Radiating Confidence on the Inside and Out

Lisa Smith is the stylist turned confidence coach.  She created a business that blends her love of fashion and style with her natural ability to coach people through big life transitions.  Through her work she’s able to provide the tools needed for her clients to reach their personal growth goals as well as teach them how to wear their new found confidence with style.

Be on the lookout for more from Lisa!

Personal Branding Photography –

The Power of One

Linda Lingo, financial planner extraordinaire, is the epitome of a true success story.  After overcoming her own adversities in life, she has stepped into her personal power and has a new story to tell!

Linda is a financial coach who helps her clients empower themselves by rewriting their own money story.  She offers every woman out there an opportunity to live a happier life of true financial freedom.

Personal Branding Photography –

Earth, Wind and Aubrey

Aubrey McCormick is an ex-pro golfer turned mama earth advocate. She is a tree hugger with the spirit of a warrior.

After years in the pro-golfing world she is on a mission to educate people on the impact the golfing industry has had on the environment and what can be done differently.

With sustainability and global impact on her agenda, there’s no telling what this girl will achieve!  I can’t wait to find out.

Personal Branding Photography –

What’s your type?

Elyse Nakajima is the founder, coach and facilitator of Creative Types.  Creative Types is for people who want to go deeper with their understanding of their Enneagram type.

Elyse provides her clients with practical tools that can help improve their relationships using the Enneagram.

Not familiar with the Enneagram?  Learn more about it here.

Personal Branding Photography –

A force to be reckoned with

Avni Keshap decided to move to the PNW from California without knowing a soul.  Her decision was ballsy and courageous and something most people would never think about doing.

Since making the move she’s stepped into a new role with the powerhouse Real Estate team Beach & Blvd.  Avni has taken the reigns from the inside and proven herself to be strong, capable and confident.

This girl has the potential to take over the world!  And she just might try.

Personal Branding Photography –

From Workaholic to Wellness

Cynthia Scherer, founder, CEO & principal strategist of Scherer Excellence Consulting, believes the way to prevent executive burnout is through her specialized approach to conscious personal branding that clarifies every part of our clients’ lives, empowering them to take control, even when the inevitable chaos & crisis occur.

“Put your own oxygen mask on first” a message Cynthia heard on thousands of flights throughout her luxury hospitality career, suddenly took on new meaning in her life. Utilizing the same discipline & passion that built her career, Cynthia kicked off her own personal & professional transformation & discovered the elusive formula for keeping your energy high, your stress levels low & your work & life goals achieved.

Click here to see the best photos from this shoot.

Personal Branding Photography Seattle
Scherer ExcellenceFeatured Album

Personal Branding Photography –

A New Vision in Finance

Heather Townsend, Founder of Townsend-Financial, is not your father’s financial planner.  Her interest is in empowering entrepreneurs for a successful future.

For Heather’s Personal Branding Photoshoot our goal was to make her look as approachable, friendly and warm as she really is.  Numbers can be scary, but Heather will break down all those barriers so you can live free and easy.

Personal Branding Photography –

Healing through Sound

Shantau Fellows, founder of the Sacred Temple, bathes her clients with the ancient healing technique of sound.  Shantau believes through the sound and vibration of the Tibetan singing bowls and Gongs she can provide a meditative experience that can heal through every cell of the body.

Shantau’s personal brand story gives her ideal clients an in depth look at her work in action as well as her preparation process.  These photos help to create a meaningful connection with those who she would like to serve.

Personal Branding Photography –

Matchmaker of the People

Britt Provost is a powerhouse community builder, talent matchmaker – aka EVP, People & Culture at Apptio.  Britt is committed to connecting outstanding humans with other outstanding humans.
Although she’s crushing it in the business world, she has many more layers to her personality, including a love for photography and Chanel no. 5.  Be still my heart.

Personal Branding Photography –

Island Time

New to the real estate world, Cassie VanLoo is a young woman who understand how hard work, drive and determination truly pays off.

Her photos, taken on the gorgeous Camano Island in Washington State, give her a human quality that helps her to create meaningful connections between her and her ideal clients.

Personal Branding Photography –

Northwest Cozy

Beach & Blvd is the Real Estate brain child of Gerald & Melissa Overbeck.  They are a modern Real Estate team that has completely transformed the whole trajectory of how Real Estate is done.

Their photo story reflects their brand colors & the true nature of Northwest Living.

The Beach & Blvd team utilizes the modern approach of Social Networking to reach their ideal clients.  They are authentic people who believe in serving their community with integrity & heart.

Personal Branding Photography –

The Look of Success

Meet Keita Williams founder and CEO of Success Bully.  The name says it all, right?
Keita is a force to be reckoned with.  Not only is she “wildly photogenic”, but she oozes wit, humor, and intelligence.  Overall a fearless entrepreneur.  We captured all of it in our session together.

If you’re looking for unimaginable, butt kicking inspiration check out her podcast.  You will not be disappointed.

Personal Branding Photography –

Seattle Lifestyle

Laina Treuhaft is an inspiring entrepreneur who is living her truth.  This California native owns a bar in the Ballard Neighborhood of Seattle called Lamplighter Public House.  Laina is also pursuing a new path in Real Estate & has just joined an elite team of doers.  Did I mention she also has a toddler?  How does she do it?

For her photo shoot we captured Laina’s life on the go.  She’s beautiful, she’s approachable, she’s edgy & she’s getting it done!  Go Laina!

Personal Branding Photography –

Sacred Spaces


Bernadette Fleming is a licensed massage therapist and lives her life with intention.  In her business, Maya Moon Massage, Bernadette works with women who are in need of creating a safe & sacred space for themselves.  She helps women who feel depleted & overwhelmed by life.  Bernadette’s business is all about caring for & nurturing women who never feel like they’re able to put themselves first.

For her personal branding story, we captured Bernadette’s beautiful smile, her ability to connect authentically with others, her peaceful presence & her love of learning & growing as a practitioner & as a person.

We need more women like Bernadette in the world.

Personal Branding Photography –

The Process of Stylish Living

Amanda Brooks Welch, interior designer extraordinaire!  This Alabama native, owner & designer of Brooks Vale Design, literally makes dreams come true.  With her taste for ‘contemporary meets classic’ design aesthetic, she styles homes in such a way that makes her clients swoon.

For Amanda’s personal brand story we pulled together a layer of interesting textured finishes, her warm personality, & a behind the scenes glimpse of her design process.   This girl is on the move & makes it look so effortless.

Personal Branding Photography –

The Healthy Hustle

As entrepreneurs, we all know how hard it is to create balance between the hustle and healthy living.  That’s where Lady Boss Stacee Lynn, Wellness Educator bad ass, steps in.

Stacee’s goal is to teach busy entrepreneurs, like me, how eating a whole plant based diet is a lot easier than we think.  It’s delicious, it’s nutritious, and it’s easy.

In our personal branding photo session we gave Stacee’s ideal clients a behind the scenes look at just how fun it is to have it all.

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