3 Tips to Instantly Nail your Unique Brand Voice

Ok, raise your hand if you’re getting a little tired of hearing the word “authentic” when it comes to branding and marketing?   Friend, I hear you 100%! That word has been used so often it seems like it’s having the opposite effect of the actual meaning.   Check yourself before you wreck yourself When I was […]

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A Simple 2 Step Brand Strategy that Attracts (plus a FREE Workbook)

This is the year to step up your game and create an impactful brand that is meant to change lives.  Isn’t that what you’re here for? This is why I became an entrepreneur and I’m pretty sure it’s why you did, too. But here’s the thing, people get really confused about what it means to […]

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If there’s anything that I hear time and time again it’s this… “I know I should be writing emails, but I’m just too busy.”   Or this… “It’s on my to-do list, but I just haven’t gotten to it yet.”   Ok people, let me give it to you straight – if you want to make money […]

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How to get noticed by your dream customer and make more sales more often

I don’t know why, but it shocks me every time I talk to someone about why they’re struggling with their business and they give me the side eye when I ask them about their marketing efforts.  That was totally me when I first started my business. We go into entrepreneurship all dreamy-eyed and ready to […]

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The one key marketing tool you should not ignore

When I stepped out of the corporate world and into entrepreneurship I knew that it was going to be hard.  I knew there would be a massive learning curve.  I was ok with that.  But of all the things that I’ve learned since I started my business there’s one thing that I wish I had […]

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SELF CARE – The Real Roadmap to Success

When I say ‘self care’ I’m not talking about just functioning through the daily tasks of basic every day life, but actually allowing yourself to flourish.  I mean as if you’re looking after yourself the way you would a child, with love, kindness and patience.  I believe self care is the real roadmap to success. […]

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A holistic approach to creating genuine connections on instagram

Do you suffer from instagram overwhelm? Let me rephrase the question – Do you find yourself obsessed with the amount of likes you get on an instagram post? Do feel invalidated and upset if you don’t get as much engagement on a post you thought was pretty good? Do you spend hours of your precious […]

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Top 5 Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs

Sometimes all you need is a little inspiration from people who’ve been there before you.  Podcasts do that for me. I love learning new strategies, hearing about new innovations, and am especially inspired by stories of transformation. I’ve learned so much and gained so much insight for my business just from listening to these 5 […]

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