6 Email Nurture Sequence Templates – Instant Download

Email marketing is one of the most profitable ways to engage with your audience so you can grow and scale your business.  But when you’re busy trying to keep up with managing your day to day, finding the time to write an effective nurture sequence can feel next to impossible.

Building a profitable business starts with marketing to warm leads – people who have shown interest in your brand.

But what do you say in an email welcome series in a way that feels conversational and authentic to your brand?

I’ve put together this 6-Email nurture sequence so all you have to do is copy and paste the words into your preferred email service provider and create your automated workflow.

Now you can start nurturing those precious leads and closing sales with ease.

The best thing about these email templates?  They’re infused with ethical copy that is persuasive, conversational and clear without exploiting or triggering your reader’s fears or traumas.

They are also written in the perfect order to prime your reader before you ask for the sale.

Your prospect is fully indoctrinated into your brand through story and clarity.  They can feel like they are given a choice by consenting to buy-in to your offer or not.  This is what it means to meet your prospects where they’re at.

All you have to do is fill in a few blanks and infuse some of your own personality.  Et Voila!  Done in a day (or less!).

These templates will save you time, money and energy.  Not to mention, give you the confidence you need to start consistently engaging with your amazing audience and close the sale with ease.


  • 18 Page downloadable file including 6 done for you, no-fail marketing emails written to add value, build trust, authority and make sales.
  • 4 often missed, but highly important design elements to increase your conversion rates
  • 50% Off discount code for our new favorite email service provider – providing GORGEOUS click worthy email designs and layouts
  • Includes a “How To” Guide with detailed instructions to get the most out of each template
  • Ethical, persuasion filled prompts to help you gather the perfect words to engage with your audience through story
  • Formatted in an easy-to-navigate .PDF file that you can just copy and paste in SECONDS
  • Includes suggested subject lines for higher open rates

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