How to get your brand noticed in an oversaturated market

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No matter what industry you’re in, it’s likely that the business idea you have has already been done before.  But the question is not whether you should let this discourage you.  The question is, how are you going to lift yourself up and get your brand noticed in an oversaturated market?

The competition can be fierce, but you can’t let that stop you from carving out a niche in your industry’s market.  There is definitely room for all of us.  If you make it all about how you’re going to beat “the competition” then you’ve already put yourself behind the 8-ball.  

Sure it’s important to see what your competitors are doing.  That’s called market research.  If they’re doing well, it’s important to understand why they’re doing well and what they’re doing differently.  This kind of intel should help propel you forward not hold you back.

Becoming a stand out brand begins with a shift in your mindset.

It’s not about “getting” the customer or the money.  Instead ask yourself how you can add more value to people’s lives?

Here are 6 different strategies to help your brand stand out without feeling like you’re adding to the noise.

Know What Your Brand Stands For  

Let’s talk about what you believe, what your mission is and why you exist as a business.  We’re starting here because understanding this is the true foundation of your business.

The most successful brands are the ones who stand firmly in what they believe in (even if what they believe in is polarizing or controversial).

Because the people who align with your beliefs, mission and your ‘why’ are the ones who will become raving fans and will eventually turn into loyal customers. 

*Pro-tipBe prepared not to make everyone happy.  Only think about your tribe and your ideal audience.  Stand firm in what you believe and you will definitely position yourself to make a positive impact on the world.

Mind The Gap

Break through the noise and define your value without being too general.  Keep your offerings tight and relevant.  

There are a lot of businesses that have a broad offering and try to cater to everyone.  What you can do differently is stay fixed on what you do best and focus your entire business on that.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why is your business more relevant today than ever?
  • What is missing in your industry today and how can you make it easier, more convenient, or faster for your customer to experience?

Get Clear On Your Story

Everybody loves a good story.  People love to read stories, hear stories and watch stories unfold.  

A good story is entertaining and can move us deeply. 

And guess what, a good story can also influence the value we put on things.

A compelling story with an emotional trigger alters our brain chemistry, making us more trusting, understanding of others, and open to ideas. – Fast Company

Your story is what makes you unique.  And you use your story to build relationships with your ideal audience.  

The more authentic you can be as a brand the more trust you will create between you and the people you want to serve.

Keep your stories clear and consistent.  Make sure your story aligns with your values and the values of your ideal customers.

When you allow yourself to open up you can have true, deep meaningful relationships and build a tribe that will ride or die for you because they know what team you’re on.

Know Your Customer’s Aspirations

One of the most important things for you to remember as a business owner is that people aren’t just shopping for “stuff” they’re shopping for a transformation.

Build your brand based on who your customers aspire to be.  

All of your branding can be designed around the aspirations of your ideal customer.  It can also dictate the experience that a customer will have when they come into contact with your brand.  

Are people going to feel like they’ve just entered a 5 star boutique hotel or are they going to feel like they’ve just been put up in a Motel 5?

Make Your Customer’s Feel Seen And Heard

Yes, this is branding and marketing 101, but I still see so many businesses failing at this.  I promise, if you do this, you will gain a natural edge over the competition.

When you take the time to truly understand the problems, worries, doubts, and fears of your ideal audience you will never feel sales-y or sleazy.  Not only that, but all your marketing efforts will become so much easier.

*Pro Tip – Anytime you go to write any content imagine your ideal customer in your head and ask yourself, ‘is this something that will help her feel better, understood, happier or less stressed?  Will they find this information useful?’

People want to know that you understand them.  If they don’t feel that way right off the bat, they’ve already moved on to the next in line.

For more tips on how to create a simple brand strategy that attracts your ideal customer read this article.

Offer Value

I’m not talking about offering value as a marketing ploy or click bait.  I don’t want you to intentionally mislead people just for increased volume, attention or engagement.  

Value can be any way you can make someone’s life better.  Make sure it’s consistent with your story and your beliefs.  

How can you tailor your content, offerings, or product specifically for your tribe?

What can you teach them?

How can you help improve their life before they even invest?

Create content with a sampling of what you offer.  And don’t ever worry about giving away too much for free.  That is a scarcity mindset which will only keep you stuck.  

Just think about how you would need to test drive a car before you buy it.  It might even take a few test drives before you’re really convinced that it’s the right car for you.  

The more you share with them the more you can have that deep, rich, meaningful connection with your audience.

Final Thoughts On How To Get Your Brand Noticed In An Over-Saturated Market

Playing it safe will get you nowhere.

Free yourself of caring about what other people are doing, thinking or what their opinions are.

The people that are following you, your audience, your tribe, do so because they like what you stand for as a brand, a personality, your values and beliefs.  This is why they will choose you over anyone else.


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