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We helped Stephanie Benson Designs successfully rebrand her business and created a high end experience to showcase and align with her high end jewelry.

How can we help you go from where you are now to where you want to be?


Stephanie Benson came to us because she was ready to take her brand to the next level.  Her high end custom jewelry designs were not properly represented and her website did not reflect the price point of her product or the women she wanted to attract.

Stephanie needed a complete rebrand so that she could showcase her jewelry and create a language around the experience that she wanted her ideal clients to have when they visited her website.


We got into the head of Stephanie’s ideal customer.

Our objective was to create a website that was not about the product, but about the transformation that her customer wants to have.  We gained insights of the internal problems her ideal customer struggles with and created a simple message to build a solid foundation of loyalty and trust.

Go to Market Strategy:  One of a kind jewelry for one of a kind women


We created an image that would inspire her ideal customer stay on her website.  The goal was to wow visitors at first glance and entice them with soft, airy colors that made the jewelry pop.

The mood is ethereal, sensual, commanding, inviting, and loving.

The photoshoot was curated to showcase the product on body for customers to imagine the jewelry on themselves.  All product shots were shot uniformly for a clean and un-distracting feel.  The founder photos were curated  as a full expression of the designer, her personality and her commitment and passion for her work.

Stephanie Benson Designs Mood BoardStephanie Benson Designs Brand Color Palette


A successful rebrand and user friendly e-commerce website that perfectly aligns with how her ideal client wants to feel.  The website is beautiful, experiential, easy to navigate and easy to digest.

Brand Position:

Feel beautiful at any age.

Scope of Work:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Style Guide
  • Brand Design
  • Brand Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Website Wireframe
  • Launch Strategy
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