Stories for my Child – Part 3

 In Mother's Day

A Special Mother’s Day Series

Today is the last of the 3 Mother’s Day stories that I’m doing featuring a few of the most inspiring mom’s that I know.  I had such a wonderful opportunity creating the visual stories of the sweet relationships these mother’s have with their toddlers.  All of them so special.  And as time goes on they will always have these memories to cherish for a lifetime.  These are the stories from a mother to her child.  A memoir of a time that will never be forgotten.

In part 1 you met Peggy & Evan.  You can find their story here.

In part 2 you met Meghan & Lachlan.  You can find their story here.

Today you will meet Jacey & her [not quite] 2 year old daughter Emmylou.

Spring Fling

If you’re living in the Pacific Northwest like us, then you know that it has not been the easiest winter.  But all the rain that we’ve experienced has really beautiful benefits, too.  (It’s just hard to remember sometimes).

If you haven’t visited the Arboretum for a while I would highly suggest that you take the time & go.  It’s absolutely gorgeous right now with Spring in all of it’s glory.  The trees are bursting with flowers & color & just so much happiness!  Bring a picnic basket & a blanket & enjoy all that nature has to offer.  You won’t be disappointed.

Jacey & Emmylou

Emmylou is such a sweet little butterfly that’s just fluttering her way through life.  She is all smiles & goodness.  Emmylou embodies what’s pure in this world.

Jacey is truly enjoying every minute of being a mother.  She is not taking any of it for granted.  Together they are forming a beautiful mother & daughter bond.   Jacey is doing her best to give Emmylou a healthy start in the world.  She loves to watch as Emmylou explores & experiences all the newness in life.

I loved sharing this time with them.

Love at Every Stage

As a mother, we all experience something so profound & life changing when we bring a baby into this world.  In her words, this is how becoming a mother has changed Jacey’s life:

  • I love what it’s done to my heart. I love that it’s opened me in ways I never thought possible.
  • I love learning what love really looks like. It is selfless, beautiful, sincere, honest, and raw.
  • I love watching each new stage. It’s all been such a gift, and brings me such joy.
  • I love that being a mom means you’re constantly learning, growing, and trying your best.
  • I love that it’s knocked me down, picked me up, and made me a better and more fulfilled woman.
  • I love that she has done this to me. She is one powerful little soul.

This is their story (watch their video here).

Happy Mother’s Day, Jacey!

To all the beautiful mama’s out there – Happy Mother’s Day.

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