Stories for my Child – Part 2

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A Special Mother’s Day Series

For this Mother’s Day series I am featuring three inspiring Mothers that all have a special story that they want to document & share with their children someday.

In part one you met Peggy & Evan.  If you missed it, you can find that post here.

I have been having so much fun spending time with the different Mama’s that I’ve been photographing lately.  It’s been such a privilege to witness & capture the special relationships & bonds that these Mother’s have with their children.

Today I’m going to introduce you to Meghan & her son Lachlan.

But First a Surprise!

Do you want to know what Mom’s really want for Mother’s Day?  Then you definitely need to hang out for a while, I have a special BONUS freebie that will be waiting for you at the end of this Blog Post.

It’s my Mother’s Day gift to you.  So, please make sure you get yours!

Just a Walk in the Park

Lucky me, I got to spend an afternoon with a Meghan & Lachlan at Discovery Park in Magnolia.  After a full day of rain the skies opened up for us & we got a special visit from our long lost friend, the Sun!

If you haven’t been to Discovery Park in a while, now’s the time to go.  All the trees are starting to bloom out & it’s just Spring Time in all of it’s splendor.  Also, don’t forget to bring a kite!  It’s the perfect spot for kite flying.

Meghan & Lachlan

Lachlan was a natural in front of the camera.  Where most kids might shy away, he was just all smiles & seemed totally at ease with having the camera pointing at him the entire time.  I see entertainment in his future : ).  And what about those piercing blue eyes!  Oh my goodness!

Meghan describes her relationship with Lachlan to be very loving & tactile.  They share lots of kisses & cuddles & they just talk & laugh a lot together.  It’s pretty obvious in these photos, don’t you think?

One of the things that I loved most about doing these photos is how we were able to incorporate the hand knitted blanket that Meghan’s late Mother in Law made before she passed away.  It is a special keep sake in their family & I’m so glad we were able to work it into the photos.  It is a beautiful reminder of how the memory of a Matriarch can be captured forever.  She will never be forgotten.

Love at Every Stage

Every mom learns new things about herself after she has a baby.  Here is a list of things that Meghan is enjoying most about being a Mom at this stage in Lachlan’s life.  In her words:

  • I love watching Lachlan learn new things & new skills
  • Talking with my son and learning to understand who he is and what he likes & doesn’t like
  • Seeing my son’s relationships with his dad and grandparents
  • Knowing what’s important to me and what isn’t
  • Being more appreciative of the smaller moments

This is their story.

Happy Mother’s Day, Meghan!

Want to see more of the story?  You can check out their Video Slideshow here.  It will just melt your heart!

What Mom’s Really Want for Mother’s Day

Thanks for sticking around!

If there is one person that deserves the most beautiful, heartfelt token of our love it’s all the hard workin’, multi-tasking, self-sacrificing Mother’s out there.

I took a poll from some of the mom’s I know & although receiving a pretty bouquet of flowers, going out to brunch & getting a special greeting card is always nice I found out that what Mom’s really want is just a little time to themselves (& a lot of appreciation!).

Here’s the Modern Mama’s Mother’s Day Wish List –

Each of the items on this list comes with a FREE printable coupon that you can use as a gift to a special Mother that you love & appreciate.  Or you can use it yourself & cash it in with your special someone.

  1. A Day Off to do ABSOLUTELY nothing – except whatever you want to do…read a book, watch a movie, space out?  Day Off Coupon
  2. A Girls Night Out – who doesn’t want a night to enjoy grown up conversation over a glass of Vino?  Girls Night Coupon
  3. A Manicure & Pedicure – Yes, please!  At some point this year it will be sandal season.  You’ve got to be ready for it!  Mani Pedi Coupon
  4. A Nice Long Nap – Such a luxury.  Nap Coupon
  5. Swanky Room Service for One – Breakfast in Bed anyone?  Heck yea!  Room Service Coupon
  6. A Spotless House – I mean, this is what we all dream of, right?  Spotless House Coupon
  7. Lots & Lots of Snuggles – I’ll take this any day, all day!  Snuggles Coupon

Now, go cash in those coupons & enjoy some time to yourself.  You SO deserve it!

Life only happens once.

Don’t Miss the Moment!



p.s.  Did you find something missing from the Wish List?  Tell me what the perfect Mother’s Day for you would look like.  I’d love to know!

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